Neighbors and Visitors

Neighbors and Visitors


Actions to take for neighbors and visitors


It is important that everyone gets involved and gives their support from your community and home.

Trash or solid waste

  • Separate the trash into organic waste (that which rots) and inorganic waste (that which will not deteriorate).
  • Organize and participate in clean up days in the urban areas, highways, coffee plantations, beaches, and public areas.
  • Leave the trash in your pockets until it can be deposited in adequate containers and do not throw it out of cars in movement.
  • Report illegal dumps and support their closure.

Sewage Waters

  • Support the treatment of sewage waters, by paying for public sanitation services.
  • Do not throw oils and grease in the drainages. In their place put fat traps.
  • Place wetlands or banana circles in the outlets of the dirty water from the wash sinks where there is no drainage.
  • Do not wash clothes on the lake shore or contaminate its waters with Detergents. Use the wash sinks or community wash fountains instead.




Amigos del Lago invites you to be a part of the rescue of Lake Atitlan. If you want to support our work, take the initiative.