We are an integrated by neighbors, scientists and researchers that since 1990 we are committed to fight for the preservation and rescue of Lake Atitlan organization.


We are convinced that with joint efforts, we get better results. We are seeking public-private and institutional alliances to boost investment synergy.

We have established strategic alliances with private companies, institutions, and governmental, and non-governmental organizations, such as:

Authorities: AMSCLAE – Authority for the sustainable management of the lake basin of Atitlan- MARN, CONAP, MAGA, SEGEPLAN and the municipalities of the basin of Lake Atitlan.

Organizations: Mas Vale Limpio, Conectando Atitlan with Funda Sistemas, Vivamos Mejor, Africa 70, Adeccap, Canadian Cooperation, and the Castillo Cordova Foundation.

Institutions: University of Del Valle and Atitlan Studies Center, Rafael Landivar University and universities in the United States: University of Chico, California, University of Davis, California, University of Reno, Nevada and SUNY Oneonta.

Corporations: Pollo Campero and Pollo Rey, Cementos Progreso, Agua Pura Salva Vidas, Supercola.